Stream: Kid Nobody, ‘Ready or Not’

Kid Nobody (Photo by Dustin Giallanza)

Time-travel notwithstanding, the arms of the clock move forward, and it’s a preoccupation of electronic pop duo Kid Nobody (Jesse Carmichael and Michael Wilson) in their latest single, “Ready or Not,” that it can’t be stopped.

Instead of searching for a wormhole, they suggest embracing the open road ahead. β€œIt’s hard for me not to love the lyrics and poetic nature of this song. I wrote ‘Ready or Not’ for my then-girlfriend (now wife). Our first few dates ended with us driving the canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains,” Wilson explains.

The song begins its forward motion in the heat of a summer sunset, when it “feels right to drive all night.” With the “moonlight runnin’ out to sea,” woozy synths spin forward and build “with future dreams.” The song rises to a zenith against the open night sky at about the 1:45 mark, “whiz[zing] by the man inside the moon” while it “seems like the world was cut in two.”

Adds Wilson: “There was just something so simple and pure about hitting the road with someone and having this shared anticipation, tension even, and then that being met with fading city lights, a dark open road, and just heading for an unknown horizon β€” it was thrilling and unexpected.”

Time can’t be reversed or stopped, but with the right person, perhaps it can be slowed to mindful, appreciated moments.

The debut EP from the duo, who previously comprised two-thirds of the indie trio Wildcat! Wildcat!, is titled “Discretion” and comes out Feb. 7 via Feltone.

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