Stream: Cuffed Up, ‘French Exit’

Cuffed Up (Photo by Justin Cook)

From the first minute of their debut single “Mother/Father,” you knew L.A. quartet Cuffed Up knew their post-punk. Their new single “French Exit” is another story entirely, a stream-turned-whirlpool-of-consciousness, with Sapphire Jewell speak-singing over an intoxicating wash of guitar and cymbals.

To review: Cuffed Up formed after a chance meeting between Jewell and Ralph Torrefranca, during which they bonded over their love for the U.K. punk scene. Vic Ordonez and Joe Liptock later came on board to take Cuffed Up beyond the “passion project” stage. And with the release of the new single, Cuffed Up announced that their debut EP, a self-titled affair, will be out Feb. 21.

So what to make of “French Exit?” It sounds like Courtney Barnett decided to do dream-pop after having three espressos and listening to Patti Smith give a reading at a European coffeehouse. The lyrics warrant numerous repeat listens, but one thing’s for sure, ghosting has rarely sounded so sweet.

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||| Live: Cuffed Up performs Jan. 27 at It’s a School Night at Bardot. Free with RSVP. They also open for Silversun Pickups at the Observatory on Feb. 5. Tickets.

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