Stream: ZOOLUXX, ‘Just a Little Bit’

ZOOLUXX (Photo by Larissa Gabrielle Jaks)

Bring on the funk fuzz. ZOOLUXX (frontman Troy Vincent on his self-customized guitar, Ned Casual on bass, Princess Frank on drums and Latin-influenced Bertie Paradis on percussion) have unleashed the single “Just a Little Bit,” the title track off their forthcoming EP.

Honing their live show as the Monday residents at Hollywood’s Good Times at Davey Wayne’s for five years, you can surmise they’ve seen a lot. This latest track could be about some of that. And it could be about anywhere where there is struggle and a bit of vice lurking in the surroundings. Everybody wants just a little of what they don’t have, and the pursuit of getting it can mean different things, as Vincent sings while the band suspends to just a stomping kick, “People want what they don’t got and they ask and they say / ‘I wanna go home right now, yeah. I wanna get safe right now’ / People want work, they don’t got it always and they say / ‘I wanna get paid right now, yeah. I wanna get laid right now’ / Everybody wants just a little bit more.”

The grooving tune is produced by Howlin Rain guitarist and Blind Owl owner Dan Cervantes with Jordan Andreen engineering at Audio Design Recording and Joe Bozzi mastering at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

The EP comes out digitally on Jan. 31 via Blind Owl, and all who buy the vinyl get (you guessed it) “just a little bit more” with last year’s debut EP, “The Ghetto Starship,” on side B.

||| Stream: “Just a Little Bit”

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