Stream: Moaning, ‘Fall in Love’

Moaning (Photo by Michael Schmelling)

The new single from L.A. trio Moaning is about love, and frontman Sean Solomon really, truly wishes he could sound optimistic, but … well, he calls it “a bummer of a song lyrically, but it’s pretty fun to dance to.”

That’s not false advertising. As on their January single “Ego,” Solomon and bandmates Pascal Stevenson and Andrew MacKelvie craft a propulsive post-punk sound fueled not by stabbing guitars but by insistent synths and stuttering beats. It’s a tack they’ve adopted on their sophomore album “Uneasy Laughter,” due March 20 from Sub Pop.

As for the song’s doom-and-gloom outlook (“If we fall in love / I’ll lose you,” Solomon sings), he says, “People my age are skeptical of love because we see how many previous generations got divorced or went through painful experiences. The song is about being afraid to fall in love because of expecting heartbreak. It’s about hating yourself too much to open yourself up to someone else.”

Solomon himself animated the lyric video. “Both the song and the video are perfect for everyone feeling like shit this Valentine’s Day,” he says.

||| Stream: “Fall in Love”

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