Video premiere: The Living Roomers, ‘Dirty Rumor’

The Living Roomers

Young L.A. rockers the Living Roomers make pop-punk music that crackles with attitude. The band is comprised of Truman Flyer, Lily Dale and Jacko Rico, all native Angelenos who met when they were wee kids and spent much of the last two years taking their edgy songs to just about about any L.A. club that would have them.

Their new single “Dirty Rumor,” out today, is the follow-up to a quick-hitting self-titled EP the Living Roomers released in 2019. Perhaps surprisingly, it’s not one of their 2 1/2-minute, herky-jerky, take-no-prisoners romps, but a lilting downtempo number.

It’s one of first songs Flyer wrote for TLR, who are kicking off 2020 by “showing our soft side to our audience.”

In the tune, the singer croons about being reluctant to spread the “Dirty Rumor,” and the song’s reflective nature carries over to director Taylor Curren’s video. Here, Flyer wanders through her now-empty childhood home. Houses can harbor secrets, too, but they don’t spread rumors.

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||| Live: The Living Roomers open for Sedona on March 18 at the Moroccan Lounge. Tickets.