Ears Wide Open: Unicorns at Heart

Unicorns at Heart

Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn, especially if you’re stuck in the High Desert trying to be an indie-rock band?

Young Hesperia quartet Unicorns at Heart have been working on their magic since 2015 when brothers Rico and Ryan Loredo, along with nephew Gabriel, got together in the family garage. Reared on a steady diet of ’60s and ’70s classics, they released their debut album in 2016. What it lacked in production value it made up for in, well, heart.

With drummer Jordan Radnoti joining the Loredos, Unicorns at Heart continued with a stream of self-released material on Bandcamp until today’s release of “Fixture.” It’s their first single for L.A. label Dangerbird Records’ Microdose series.

The song is a buoyant, expansive indie-rocker reminiscent of bands like Built to Spill and the Shins, with a twinkling piano and a thicket of guitar framing the tune’s slyly opaque lyrics. “I can’t shake your hand when I am trembling,” Rico Loredo sings, fretting about his own insecurities.

No worries, there’s some magic here.

||| Stream: “Fixture”

||| Also: Watch the video for “Fixture”