Video: The Jacks, ‘Threw It All Away’

The Jacks (Photo by Paige Sara)

The Jacks poured another tumbler of their straight-up-no-chaser rock ’n’ roll with Friday’s release of their new EP, “Remember You.” It’s the second EP in eight months from the quartet of Jonny Stanback, Tom Hunter, Scott Stone and Josh Roossin, who look the straight-outta-central-casting part for a rugged, British Invasion-styled four-piece.

They sound the part, too. Produced and engineered by Grammy-winning Joe Chiccarelli, “Remember You” is equal parts angst, romance and swagger, with slashing guitar licks and relentless grooves. It’s evidence that even when artists color inside already-established lines, there can still be more thrills than spills.

The video for “Threw It All Away” finds the quartet trudging across the desert to do a gig in a geodesic dome. For those who lament that this musical era is a desert for straight-ahead (original) rock, the Jacks could be your waystation.

The EP is out via developmental label Edgeout Records in conjunction with Universal Music Group.

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