Video: CMON, ‘Mindboggling’

CMON (Photo by Vetter Miller)

A perfect mashup of the best of both sides of the ’80s spectrum — bright, punchy synths and jangly, (Johnny-Marr-worthy) sentimental guitars and (Andy Rourke-worthy) bass — L.A. duo CMON, which stands for “Confusing Mix of Nations” (the name of their debut album out this Friday via Mexican Summer), stir up a good tune with their latest single, “Mindboggling.”

In tribute to a muse around the corner who’s perfected the disciplined practice of social distancing, Josh da Costa and Jamen Whitelock wax poetic about their own confusion over the lass who doesn’t warm up to them. To put it plainly, she’s cold as ice where the protagonists are expecting the warmth of a hearthfire. The lighthearted, semi-animated, lo-fi-Warhol-esque video is the mastery of director Salvador Cresta. Color within the lines as best as you can and “figure it out.”

Also, enjoy the familiar sights around L.A. soundtracked to more glorious Fender Jazzmasterwork to the beat of synths in the Geneva Jacuzzi-directed video for their catchy earlier single “Peter Pan.” Oh, the days of walking within six feet of one another.

||| Watch: The video for “Mindboggling”

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||| Live: CMON will go live today at 1 p.m. on the Indieheads Festival on Instagram.

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