Stream: Low Flying Owls, ‘True Blue’

Low Flying Owls

Low Flying Owls left their mark on mid-2000s indie-rock with the album “Elixir Vitae” after forming in Sacramento and, a few changes later, eventually ending up in L.A. They’ve been grounded since their 2012 album “Lovevolve” as band members matriculated to various points in California and Colorado to work on their respective music and film endeavors.

LFO return today with the new single “True Blue,” a song that finds frontman Jared Southard working with songwriter-producer Jessie Williams of the Palm Springs band Little Red Spiders. The other Owls will be involved soon enough: Guitarist Andy Wagner is doing a remix of the single, and the band is writing music for an EP to be released later this year.

Bassist Mike Bruce, meanwhile, has been busy as a director and videographer, and “True Blue” will appear in the forthcoming film he directed for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. The movie, “Stranded on Earth,” is an outlaw tale about a two young women who fall in love and have misadventures in the desert, all soundtracked (mostly) by Gallagher’s music.

So here’s a strange case of High Flying Birds-meets-Low Flying Owls. Get trippy.

||| Stream: “True Blue”