Stream: Mating Ritual, ‘OK’

Mating Ritual (Photo by Kevin Doan)

Remember what it’s like to feel OK? When, perhaps, only minor daily annoyances — a traffic jam, a lousy wifi signal, an occasional hangover — clouded our emotional weather? Yeah, we don’t either.

The new song from brother duo Mating Ritual speaks to that. “I wanna know the way / I used to feel with the sunlight on my face / I wanna know the way it feels to be OK,” they sing on their first single of 2020, a rousing alt-rocker.

“OK” is the second song from the forthcoming fourth album from brothers Ryan Marshall Lawhon and Taylor Lawhon, who are now past the halfway point in their goal of releasing five albums in five years. That’s a rare feat these days, but Mating Ritual have 2017’s “How You Gonna Stop It?,” 2018’s “Light Myself On Fire” and 2019’s “Hot Content” in the books.

“While it was written last year, ‘OK’ seems more prescient now than ever,” Ryan Lawhon says of the new single. “It’s about the hopeful feeling of nostalgia you get after you (or in this case, maybe the president) have lived in ignorance long enough that your mistakes have caught up with you. Sometimes it is too late to fix things, and all you can do is live with the memory and hope that one day everything will be OK again.”

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