Premiere: ZIMINY, ‘She (Zoey Deutch)’


David Amezcua played (principally) bass in AWOLNATION, and main man Aaron Bruno’s band Under the Influence of Giants before that. But the singer-songwriter returns to where he began in music, the keyboards, for his new solo project ZIMINY. “Professionally, my instrument has always been bass,” he says. “But piano has remained as my first love. It feels good to get back to it.”

His first single “She (Zoey Deutch)” is cut from the velvet of ’70s and ’80s pop-soul — a restless, heartsick mediation about a special someone on the other end of a phone call. And the titular actress? ZIMINY backgrounds the song:

“I had this lyric idea bouncing around: ‘She’s my one telephone call,’ which inspired the thought, ‘Who is the one person I’d call from prison?’ That really became the concept that birthed the idea for this track,” he says.”The lovely and talented actress Zoey Deutch really has nothing to do with this song, as my wife truly inspired it. But she’s the perfect fictional muse to quench my thirst for ’80s song titles with female names.

“My wife’s name is Keesha; it would’ve never worked!”

It’s the kind of tune that’s salve for the wounds of quarantine, as the songwriter has learned. “I have found a comfort in sitting down and playing or writing a new tune during this pandemic,” he says. “It’s a distraction from our reality that is currently taking place, and the many people who are experiencing loss. As someone who suffers from crippling anxiety, if I chose to focus on that all day long, I’d just lose it. So music, whether I’m writing, or just listening, [is] something that has really helped me escape.”

“She (Zoey Deutch)” is officially out May 8, and there’s more on the way from ZIMINY.

“It’s strange it’s taken 10 years of playing music professionally to sit in the chair that sort of started it all for me,” he says. “I would consider the direction of the sound direction-less, or no genre, as I have so many influences that will inspire a different shade of a song.”

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