Ears Wide Open: Kotomi


Kotomi is the name of the musical machinations of singer-songwriter-producer Lauren Culjak (and also her mother’s Japanese name).

The musician trades in many styles of electronic pop, her versatility honed by extensive work composing for film, television and advertisements. (And last year, she appeared on the debut album from ambient duo Mono Sources.)

Kotomi’s recent singles reflect a production touch that gives her music an ethereal quality, as if matters of the heart are not decided in the chest or in the head, but up in the clouds somewhere. Today sees the release of the double-single “Devotion” and “A Good Thing,” the former a love letter scribbled in distortion and the latter a form-fitting dream-pop paean drenched in lushness.

||| Stream: “Devotion,” “A Good Thing” and “Eternal Spring”