Video: Jenna Putnam, ‘Angelyne’

Jenna Putnam

Photographer, writer and poet Jenna Putnam made her debut as a musical artist only late last year. While her first three singles thrummed with a rocker-poet sensibility, her latest, “Angelyne,” is a stripped-down piano ballad.

Yes, the song — co-written and produced by Lewis Pesacov and released via his Ahata Sounds label — is an homage to the self-made pop culture celebrity who drives the Pepto Bismol-colored Corvette.

“We’re not so much different, you and me / a tragedy, of broken dreams,” Putnam sings convincingly, finding common ground in her own relationship with L.A.

The song, Putnam says, is “centered around the idea that people come to Los Angeles to find themselves and shed their old identities that were perhaps constructed socially or by their families growing up. People come here to taste freedom and to chase their dreams, but that’s just the surface. I’m drawn to Hollywood’s dark side, its mystic side, the things you see when you look a little harder, and in return, start to see everywhere.”

The video for the song originally was intended to be a full-crew production before the COVID-19 lockdown hit. Instead, the artist made it on her iPhone. “It was the first time I’d felt creative in a while,” she says. “I was really reminiscing about how much I love Los Angeles when I filmed this. I drove around at night and pretended I was at my favorite bars and restaurants.”

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