Stream: Tomemitsu, ‘I’ll Be Alright’


Martin Tomemitsu Roark — aka Tomemitsu — crafts warm-blanket music from a bedroom in Echo Park. Inhabiting the worlds of dream-, jangle- and ambient pop, it’s the kind of music you imagine was conceived in the most intimate of environs and then played back with the windows thrown open and a breeze coming through.

Tomemitsu’s new EP “I’ll Be Alright” came out Friday via Friends of Friends Music, and it refines the sounds of his previous albums (in 2013, ’16 and ’17).

He debuted on Friends of Friends in 2019 with the single “I’m Just Waiting for Your Love,” a collaboration with Steady Holiday. Also notable was his cover of the Magnetic Fields’ “I Shatter,” which appeared on the charity compilation “You Can Sing Me Anything: A Tribute to 69 Love Songs.”

The new EP is bookended by ambient tracks, each featuring Lisa Sonoda, while the title track is actually a reinvention of a song from Tomemitsu’s 2013 album “Modes.” Another song, “Secrets,” reshapes a song from the artist’s 2016 “Cave” EP. And “Strange Vibes” features backing vocals from pop singer Mara Connor.

Tomemitsu admits to “wishing on a star” (before a nifty tempo shift) on the title track, and there’s a lot of that going around. This is a soundtrack to it.

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