Video: Enola Fall, ‘Little Phoenix Baby’

Enola Fall

Sometimes a song finds you through the fog and pulls you in by the collar, and it’s exactly what you need to hear at that moment. “Little Phoenix Baby” is that song right now, angsting in unease, fitful to break free. Behind it is L.A.-via-Tasmania (and now currently marooned in Melbourne) indie rockers Enola Fall (Joe Nutall and Mark Woodward).

Written and produced by Nuttall and recorded by the duo at the Band Booth in Melbourne, it’s the second single leading up to their new album, “Submarine,” the third in a trilogy of albums.

With shades of folk welded with post-punk, it’s awash with waves of emotions that reach the pinnacle of breaking through fragile sanity. Nutall carries the solemnity of the song as well as any smoldering Stevie Nicks hit, with a sharp, technicolor guitar solo to boot. “This track started out being about the persistence of art and the act of making,” said the singer-guitarist. “Music always comes back, no matter how much you try to bury it in sensible decisions. But we finished writing and recording it just as COVID-19 really kicked in so it’s taken on different overtones, both dark and light. When this is all over, will the world look any different? Or will it just be a reborn carbon copy?”

The lyrics of this latest single now ring truer than intended for everyone in the music industry, “We are just birds / Birds that dream of the sky / We are out past the city now / And the lights have all gone by.”

From 2016 through 2019, the band were a tight trio rocking through the club circuit in L.A., Portland and Seattle behind their sophomore album, “Bloodhound.” At this point, Nutall says, “Submarine” will be out “very early next year. And then hopefully touring again.”

For now, support them on their Patreon and watch the video here for “Little Phoenix Baby.” According to the band, “the  footage was shot in 2018 in between Portland and Eugene, during a eerie, vaguely Lovecraftian fog.”

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