Ears Wide Open: SODAPOP


Santa Barbara-based artist Kane Nania works under the name SODAPOP, having released three singles of bright indie-pop over the past two months.

“Looking Like That” arrived last week as SODAPOP uncorks a batch of new music two years in the making. Nania spent that time traveling abroad and writing new music, as well as honing his skills as a musician and producer. Of “Looking Like That,” Nania said, “I wrote the song while I was in Serbia, but it was more about the time I spent in Thailand. While I was living in Thailand honing my skills as a songwriter, I adopted this mindset that I felt a lot of the locals had, perhaps as a result of the Buddhist influence. For me, it’s the idea of not letting negative outcomes in your life affect you too much emotionally. After leaving that beautiful country, I felt that mentality start slip away. This song is mostly a reminder to myself to not worry too much about the past (or the future).”

And when you listen to the tune, the positivity resonates. “Looking Like That” has a subtle charm of youth and innocence to it, with upbeat guitar and catchy vocal lines.

For now, Nania plans to continue releasing singles with hopes of officially releasing a full-length somewhere down the line.

||| Stream: “Looking Like That,” “Watered Down” and “Right Back”