Video: Liv.e, ‘I Been Livin’

Liv.e (Photo by Flatspot)

Dallas-born, L.A.-based Olivia Williams — aka Liv.e (pronounced “Liv”) — deals in a hazy, left-field mix of psychedelic soul, funk, jazz and hip-hop, painting emotional pictures in a voice that ranges from a whisper to a croon to spoken-word. The songs on her debut album “Couldn’t Wait to Tell You …” (out today) feel like snapshots that have been left to bake and crinkle in the sun.

She’s toured with Earl Sweatshirt (and was featured on his track “MTOMB”), earned nods of approval from Erykah Badu and Tyler, the Creator and collaborated with Black Noi$e. And at a sprawling 20 tracks, her album reveals a singer whose charismatic purr might stand the test of time.

The new video for “I Been Livin,” directed by Barrington Darius, sees Liv.e going for a languorous drive, which, along with a candlelit night spent buzzed, might be the best way to enjoy “Couldn’t Wait.” It’s all bent notes and beating hearts.

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