Video premiere: Luka Kloser, ‘Secret Love’

Luka Kloser

“Secret Love” is just the third single from singer, songwriter and producer Luka Kloser, but with her sultry vocals, the song’s sleek production and the film noir video she co-directed with Connor Ellmann, the 22-year-old looks ready for prime time.

The dancey synth-pop banger, from her forthcoming EP “Yours,” is a meditation on a doomed, one-sided love — dark emotional territory, to be sure, but as Kloser says, “The best songs are the ones we can punch the air to whilst wiping our tears.

“The song was inspired by knowing a romantic relationship was coming to an inevitable end,” she explains. “Painful frustration longing for something that felt so good at times, yet so hurtful. The good out weighing the bad, but the bad being really bad. In short, this song is about not feeling “good enough” for someone. Not meeting their expectations, feeling like a quick fix to them, but wanting so much more out of the relationship. The love quite literally felt ‘secret’ — as if the person didn’t want to make it public — leaving me questioning and doubting my worth. That awful feeling of giving it your all and doing your best, but feeling equally embarrassed about being stepped on and continuing to fight for it … That being said, I hope the playfulness of the song at moments conveys the cathartic intentions I had when producing the song with Andrew Wells.”

Kloser, who debuted in 2018 with the single “Time” and followed up last year with “Sweet Sixteen,” was born in Los Angeles but spent her childhood traveling between the U.S. and Europe. She was born into a musical family: Her Austrian father is the film composer Harald Kloser (“The Day After Tomorrow,” “Alien vs. Predator”), and her Luxembourgian mother Désirée Nosbusch is a  TV host, actress and singer (who once duetted with Falco). Her older brother is Lennon Kloser of Kid Bloom, and, yes, Luka was named for the Suzanne Vega song.

“When I write a song, it is to escape, or to pour feeling into something to make myself feel better, so I would want the same for my listeners,” says Kloser. “I want people to feel good when they listen to it, I want people to feel excited when they listen to it.”

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