Stream: Jack Name, ‘Karolina’

Jack Name (Photo by Logan White)

Singer-songwriter and producer John Webster Adams has released music under a variety of guises, collaborated with the likes of Ariel Pink and served as a touring member of Tim Presley’s White Fence. And now he is prepping the release of his third album (and first in five years) as Jack Name.

“Magic Touch” is the album’s title, arriving Nov. 20 via Mexican Summer, and at a time in history when almost any touch at all feels magical, Name’s is predominantly light on the new release. Framed by his delicate, precise guitar work, Name’s paeans to the need for human connection, and what happens then, come with a startling intimacy, as evidenced on the pillow-talky opener “Karolina.”

Unadorned by bells and whistles, the album was made largely in the songwriter’s Hollywood apartment on a Radar 24-track recorder. There, Name was joined by a host of collaborators: Henry Finds, Chris Cohen and Sweet Joey Valentine play drums on various tracks; Will Canzeroni, Kenny Gilmore and Seamus Garrity play keys; Josh Puklavetz and Dillon Watson contribute guitar on a song apiece; and Izella Berman sings backup on two songs.

Whisper along as he sings “Lips on lips / hips on hips …”

||| Stream: “Karolina”