Video: Milly, ‘Star Thistle Blossom’

Milly (Photo by Mark Underwood)

If you’re curious about what ’90s grunge would look like today, the music video for Milly’s new single, “Star Thistle Blossom” paints a pretty clear picture.

The Justice Vaughn Ott-directed video opens with lead singer and guitarist Brendan Dyer singing a mild melody as he floats down a suburban street. It then cuts to a young woman in a laundromat enjoying a Burger King Whopper until a huge glob of ketchup falls onto her shirt. As she wipes it away, it reveals a stain in the shape of Jesus — which, it turns out, makes the shirt a valuable commodity. Using a telephone book (!) and a landline (!), she gets busy trying to sell the thing.

Milly plays the grunge/shoegaze pastiche well, with heavily distorted guitars and melancholy vocals at the forefront. “Star Thistle Blossom” simply captures the era. Dyer’s voice, while not entirely dynamic, is plaintive and soothing, complimentary of the gritty guitars and loud drums.

“Star Thistle Blossom” is the lead single from the band’s forthcoming EP, “Wish Goes On,” expected to drop in 2021 via Dangerbird Records.

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