Ears Wide Open: Hearty Har 

Hearty Har

It doesn’t take two hands to count the number of musically successful offspring spawned by rockstar dads. Trying to make it in the music business is one thing, escaping your father’s legendary shadow is quiet another. The brothers Fogerty– Tyler and Shane– sons of John, the John of Creedence Clearwater Revival, are making a go of it with a tasty little outfit called Hearty Har.

While the keen ear can pick up hints of their father’s twang, verve and voice, they made the conscious choice not to follow in his muddy swamp blues footsteps. Instead they’ve tapped into another sound very familiar to the ears of their father’s generation, ’60s garage psychedelia.

Their lead single, “Scream and Shout” is a perfect representation of that medium. It has that groovy cocktail lounge swagger that makes it perfect for a future Tarantino movie. This song belongs on your Halloween playlist. It’s campy, melodically sublime, finger-snapping ’60s pop music. Had you told me this was an unsung San Mateo band that released this as a 45 in 1967 I’d have believed you. It’s easy to take potshots at something this reverential, but much more difficult when it is this well done. All the video needs is mini-skirts and go-go boots. And, yes, that is their dad on background vocals.

The Fogertys, joined in the band’s longtime friends Will Van Santen (drums/vocals), Marcus Högsta (bass) and Jesse Wilson (keys), will release their debut album “Radio Astro” on Feb. 19. Another new single arrives at the end of this week.

The brothers, along with their sister Kelsy, have also contributed to their father’s live “Fogerty’s Factory” YouTube performances, some of which are to be released in album form this November.

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