Stream: New singles from Geographer, Grandson, Kid Bloom

Geographer (Photo by Monica Reyes)

Catching up with noteworthy new singles from Geographer, Grandson and Kid Bloom …

GEOGRAPHER, “The Other Side”

Geographer — aka Mike Deni — has now released six of the songs on his forthcoming (15-track) opus “Down And Out in the Garden of Earthly Delights,” arriving Dec. 4. The album pans the landscape from the electro-orchestral pop that put Geographer on the map to some equally lush incursions into indie-rock. And the new single “The Other Side,” which starts with bright synths and finishes with some exclamation-point guitars, offers both. “I spend way too much time alone, and it sucks,” Deni says of the song. “It makes you sad, it makes you lose your color, you no longer bear fruit. ‘It isn’t life if you live it alone.’ We aren’t meant to be alone. I don’t believe in God but I believe in love as a power to save me from loneliness, therefore it is as holy to me as anyone’s anchor. I love the chorus of this one because it states a ludicrous semi-religious romantic belief directly after acknowledging a vile and inescapable life truth: ‘Nobody knows where we go when we die / but I will try to meet you on the other side.’”

GRANDSON, “We Did It!!!”

On the heels of the single “Dirty,” Grandson — aka Canadian-American artist Jordan Benjamin — returns with a single that sums up your post-election tummyache as succinctly as anyone possibly could: “We did it!!! / We didn’t / It’s all getting better now, is it? / It isn’t,” he proclaims, flexing some industrial-rap muscle. It’s the latest from Grandson’s debut album “Death of an Optimist,” out Dec. 4 via Fueled by Ramen. If early singles “Riptide” and “Identity” didn’t suggest this album would be a powder keg, “We Did It!!!” seals the deal.

KID BLOOM, “Hold In, Hold On”

On the heels of the release of his new EP “Blood Sugar,” Kid Bloom — aka Lennon Kloser — grabs an acoustic and gets busy. Get a “Stuck in the Middle With You” vibe here? That’s OK, 2020 could use a little more 1972.