Stream: Emily Vu, ‘Found’

Emily Vu (Photo by NIGHT)

Last week, 18-year-old Emily Vu released “Found,” the tailpiece to her two-part EP series, “Lost & Found.”

Compared to her beat-forward, melancholic debut, “Lost &,” “Found” is filled with bright and airy pop numbers. Like two chapters of a coming-of-age story, the series sonically chronicles Vu’s progression of finding herself and her confidence.

“‘Found’ means so much more to me than anything I’ve ever put out, because it’s full of projects where I feel as though I figured out who I am,” says the Garden Grove native. “I was so lost and out of touch with myself to the point where I would cry and kind of be super sad about how I was feeling. Since I’ve been doing what I love for a year now, I think I’ve gotten a good grasp on who I am and everything I want to be.”

“Changes” embodies the soul of “Lost & Found.” Tucked behind a catchy rhythm, Vu sings about pushing herself to change the landscape of her life for the better, despite how much easier it would be to tightly grip onto what used to be.

Her new EP flaunts a clean production, light instrumentals and effortless vocals, as seen in “Your Ex” and “Somewhere in the Middle.” But the mainstay is “Self Love,” a track that appears twice, with one version featuring TikTok star Lil Xxel. The low-key hip-hop beat and Vu’s self-possessed, cool and lilting voice make it that song you blare in the morning when you’re feeling yourself.

“‘Self Love’ is basically just about how I’m a confident person,” Vu says. “You’ll never catch me being in my feelings over something someone said. I wrote this song because ever since I started doing music and it becoming a real thing, people who have no idea who I am always have something to say about me. They say I’ve changed and that I’m full of myself, but I honestly just love myself.”

Along with the EP, Vu delivered a colorful and quirky music video for “Your Ex,” directed by Ian Dooley.

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