Stream: Poolside & Neil Frances, ‘I’m in Love With You’

Poolside and Neil Frances

If you’re familiar with sonic kindred spirits Poolside and Neil Frances, you could predict the vibe should they ever collaborate: chill, electronic, worthy of any California vista worth its vivid hues. Who knew, though, they could get so squishy?

On Monday, they released, “I’m in Love With You,” a track you’re gonna wanna stash for a couple of months and use in your Valentine’s Day mix. In it, they’ve taken their modern production and turned back the hands of time a few decades.

Jeffrey Paradise, coming off the release early this year of the third and best Poolside album yet, “Low Season,” says of getting in the studio with the Neil Frances guys: “I’ve been a fan ever since we toured together and I saw them cover ‘Teardrops’ by Womack & Womack, which is one of my favorite songs. ‘I’m In Love With You’ is a bit out-of-the-box for both of our projects, but it’s definitely us. We started out influenced by 1950s doo-wop and our early memories writing music and the track took off from there.”

“To be honest,” says Marc Gilfry of Neil Frances, the duo who have released a slew of singles and a remix EP in 2020, “we weren’t expecting this type of song to come out of this collaboration. Jeff surprised us by starting with a conversation. He sort of led us through this meditation-like exercise before we even touched an instrument. I almost immediately thought of the first song I ever wrote as a 5- or 6-year-old. It’s a sincere and almost saccharine love song. Then I started thinking about my wife, Mariel, and thinking about what it means to love someone, and the difference between a child’s love and a man’s love. And this simple and beautiful love song came out of it.”

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