Video: Steady Holiday, ‘Love Me When I Go to Sleep’

Steady Holiday

First, the news: Dre Babinski — aka Steady Holiday — has announced that her third album, “Take the Corners Gently,” will be out Feb. 12. The Blake Sennett-produced collection is the follow-up to 2018’s “Nobody’s Watching.”

But that’s not the reason we are furtively wiping a tear from our eye this morning. The third single from the album is the concise acoustic guitar ballad “Love Me When I Go to Sleep,” and director Isaac Ravishankara’s video finds the artist sharing some quality time — on the phone — with her grandfather.

Babinski says: “This was written pre-pandemic, so the theme of gratitude for just being alive has taken on more responsibility. I’ve never felt more fragile, and yet my 92-year-old grandpa continues to wake up alive. There are no rules, which I’m still trying to accept.”

||| Watch: The video for “Love Me When I Go to Sleep”

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