Ears Wide Open: Good Bison

Good Bison (Photo by Krölhaus)

Miami-bred, L.A.-based Pablo Alvarez makes music under the name Good Bison, taking cues from the dazed and confused ’90s for his ragged forays into indie-rock and hip-hop. He released the cheeky, shambolic mixtape “That’s Bodhi” in 2017 and once freestyled for more than 25 consecutive hours, so there’s that.

His motormouthian ways continue Friday with the release of a new EP, “Scattered Storms,” a mildly meteorological (and more rock-leaning) look at life led by the new single “Can’t Predict the Weather.” “In Miami, it can be incredibly sunny one minute and the next it’s basically hurricane weather,” he says. “Los Angeles is not like that at all. It’s much easier to predict the weather there than in South Florida.”

Made with Mauri Viladegutt and Slightly Stoopid producer George Spits, the EP also features “Lunatic,” which captures the ’90s vibe in under two minutes (see the video directed by Krölhaus), and the sway-along closer, “Since I Left Miami.” The latter makes you wish Alvarez had set his sights a little higher than just knocking off four songs in under 10 minutes, but he does rhyme “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” so there’s that.

||| Stream: “Can’t Predict the Weather”

||| Watch: The video for Lunatic”