Stream: Sunny War, ‘Lucid Lucy’

Sunny War

Does it seem like there are more than 24 hours in a day for certain people? Singer-songwriter Sunny War is one.

She’s released three albums (one a split effort with Particle Kid titled “Particle War”) and two EPs since 2018, engaged in other noteworthy collaborations such as War & Pierce with Chris Pierce, founded the downtown L.A. chapter of the nonprofit Food Not Bombs and thrown energies into recent Black Lives Matter protests.

She’s already released two singles in the new year, and today she announced there’s more to come: War’s new album “Simple Syrup” will be out March 26. It promised to be another batch of blues-folk-punk from the Venice Beach staple who draws from her own hardscrabble experiences to shine a light on issues personal and political.

“Lucid Lucy” is the lead track, a reverie about someone who is happiest when immersed in her own lucid dreams. Niall Taro Ferguson plays cello on the song … so tuck yourself in.

||| Stream: “Lucid Lucy”

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