Video premiere: Douglas, ‘Clouds’

Douglas (Photo by Alexander Brown)

What do you see when you gaze into the clouds? A troubled past? A promising future? A little of both?

In her new song “Clouds,” Amy Douglas White — just Douglas to those dialing into her blend of shoegaze, dream-pop and techno — looks at them from both sides, just like the classic song lyric says. Her new single, out today via Bandcamp, finds a pinhole of light in those threatening skies. It seems to expand with every shimmering synth.

The song, which features Kendall Reid on cello, is the latest from Douglas’ forthcoming debut album, “Ashes,” out April 2.

Avner Shiloah’s video for “Clouds” captures the song’s duality, which Douglas references lyrically: “Under the darkest cloud / I can see a world / It breathes new.” Particularly poignant is its mix of past and present — 8mm family footage from her parents and current images filmed by Alexander Brown … as if to say, time to put nostalgia in the rear-view mirror and “find your way.”

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