Stream: New EPs from Arrica Rose, Charlie Hickey and Deap Vally

'From left: Arrica Rose (by Piper Ferguson); Charlie Hickey (by Olof Grind); Deap Vally (by Kelsey Hart)

Highlighting three EPs that came out Friday:

ARRICA ROSE, “Technicolour Blue”

Four years since releasing her fifth full-length, Arrica Rose returns with a new EP of Americana, dream-pop and vintage-rock vignettes — each, she says, imagined as “a little movie.” Weighted by Rose’s dusky vocals, the Dan Garcia-produced EP is highlighted by lead track “The High” and reaches peak cinema on the six-minute excursion “Undo Me Slowly,” when guitar and strings ride off into the moonrise.

CHARLIE HICKEY, “Count the Stairs”

Led by the singles “No Good at Lying” and “Ten Feet Tall,” Charlie Hickey’s second EP (there’s one from 2016 you have to hunt for) offers an understated look into the world of a 21-year-old who seems to have a preternatural sense of what makes everything tick. The six-song release, featuring two guest turns by Phoebe Bridgers and with the bedroom-soundscapes production by Bridgers collaborator Marshall Vore, seduces with swelling melodies and harmonies, not to mention Hickey’s wry wordplay. (Our favorite: “I’m so good at dreaming / I can do it in my sleep.”)

DEAP VALLY, “Digital Dream”

A year after their collaboration with the Flaming Lips was released, the duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards shares a collaborative EP that further gets them out of whatever box they felt they were in with their 2013 and 2016 albums. “Digital Dream” offers four tracks with different collaborators: Jennylee of Warpaint, SoKo, KT Tunstall & Peaches and Jamie Hince of the Kills. It’s hit and miss, but even so, it’s fun to see Deap Vally in their explorer caps.