Stream: Junaco, ‘Blue Room’

Junaco (Photo by Nicole Mason)

“Blue Room” is a song for a blue period, but don’t reflexively click away thinking this is another bummer pandemic tune. Junaco’s dream-folk song is an appreciation for that which we might have overlooked in the hustle and bustle of pre-COVID times.

The song is the title track to an EP the duo of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa have on the way later this year. The release, which includes their 2020 single “Livin’ Out of Mind,” is the follow-up to their 2019 EP, “Awry.”

“We were coming off a high of recording, playing, working, performing, running, running — running like the rest of the world,” the duo says of “Blue Room.” “We knew we wanted our next project to be upbeat and fun and we didn’t yet sink into the reality of the shittiness quickly approaching. We were sitting on this large gray couch, overlooking the hills, beginning to write this song. The cool tones from the gloominess brought the blue into the room.

“Throughout all of this, a reflection — don’t forget the ground below your feet. A similar, universal feeling everyone was beginning to realize, that there are so many important things we miss when we are running. So many simple things. I think this whole record reflects on that; focusing on the beauty in the simplicity of life.”

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