Stream: Younger Hunger, ‘Day Traitor’

Younger Hunger

“Day Traitor” is the new, thoroughly likable single from the kinda-emo, kinda-pop, kinda-thoroughly-likable L.A. trio Younger Hunger, who started releasing singles in 2018, issued their EP “Yikes” just after the pandemic hit and haven’t let up since.

The band — lockdown roomies Tony Davia, Lucas Connor and Becket Edwards — are working on a new EP, “Crying In The Pit,” due later this year. Besides the play on words in the title, “Day Traitor” has one of those choruses that is like shaking a can of soda and then popping it open. Test your falsetto with: “Spending all my nights chasing my days / Losing my mind tryna stay sane.”

The track, along with the rest of the EP, features co-production from Zach Fogarty. “‘Day Traitor’ was the first song written from this EP,” Davia says. “Beckett made the cover art for it before the song was written, and I remember just staring at it for a while and then pulling out that main guitar riff from the song. After I made the demo I went on a walk and listened to it like 50 times on repeat, Then we took it to Zach and he just took it to a different level sonically. All in all, my favorite YH song.”

Besides the EP, Younger Hunger released three singles in 2020 and followed up earlier this year with another, “Narcissist.”

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