Video premiere: CHILLEMI, ‘Neon Bride’


Singer-songwriter and guitarist Brian Chillemi (Rose Cologne, Junk Boys) is well on his way to creating his own mystique with his solo project, CHILLEMI. And where better to set a chapter in his storybook than Las Vegas? 

The artist teams up with director Ryan Rosewall on the video for his new single “Neon Bride,” coming out this week. Giselle DaMier, known for her TV roles on “Twin Peaks” and “Blackout,” stars as the titular woman riding out a whirlwind romance and losing her innocence. Or, as the song says, the “burning star” to Chillemi’s “night sky.”

The song is from Chillemi’s debut album, “With Woman,” arriving April 23 via Taxi Gauche Records, a collection that draws from influences such as Lee Hazlewood and Nick Cave.

“Neon Bride came out of me mishearing a Lee Hazlewood line … when I realized he was not actually saying neon bride I figured that sounded like a good starting point for a song,” says the songwriter, who relocated to L.A. from New York just as the pandemic set in. “Who doesn’t like neon? I got home and wrote the song in about 20 minutes straight through. It doesn’t always happen like that but when it does it feels like a gift so I always try to stay open to receive.”

||| Watch: The video for “Neon Bride”

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