Stream: New singles from De Lux, the Wrecks and Glaare

De Lux

Our latest singles trifecta features new sounds from De Lux, the Wrecks and Glaare

DE LUX, “On and On (Til the End of Us)”

In the three years since they released their third album “More Disco Songs About Love,” De Lux (Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco) have dropped a couple of EPs along with a handful of singles and remixes. They’re back, in a bigger way, with “On and On (Til the End of Us),” the first song from a three-track EP titled “Uneven,” out April 23. Notable this time is that the new single is a gang’s-all-here production — rather than Guerin and Franco writing and recording in their Burbank studio, they brought members of their live band (Tyler Lott, Taylor Rodiger and Briar Seavey) to Jonny Bell’s Jazzcats Studio in Long Beach and recorded to tape. It’s a banger.

THE WRECKS, “I Want My Life Back Now”

Thousand Oaks rockers the Wrecks released their debut album last spring and closed out 2020 by tacking on an EP, “Static.” Their new single is titled “I Want My Life Back Now,” and we second that emotion. Frontman Nick Anderson clarifies: “Contrary to the suspiciously timely nature of the song’s title, ‘I Want My Life Back Now’ is not a COVID-19 cash-grab. Although, if you can imagine going through a break-up in the middle of an already devastatingly lonely global pandemic, this song might resonate a bit.”

GLAARE, “Divine Excess”

On the heels of the single “Young Hell,” L.A. darkwavers Glaare have released the latest single from their sophomore album “Your Hellbound Heart,” out April 30. Ross Farrar of Ceremony turns up as guest vocalist on the song, which Glaare’s Brandon Pierce says “is essentially a conversation with your shadow where you’re ridiculing your actions and mutilating yourself by failing to understand the nature of your ego. Having a rigid core of beliefs that you take as doctrine and what happens when you break them. The judgment and lack of ability to reconcile with yourself.”