Watch: New videos from Bachelor (Jay Som & Palehound), KALI and Hooveriii

Bachelor (Photo by Tonje Thilesen)

Midweek video roundup with new songs from Bachelor (Jay Som & Palehound), KALI and Hooveriii — all of whom have big releases on the way.

BACHELOR, “Stay in the Car”

On the heels of February’s debut single “Anything at All,” Bachelor — the collaboration between Jay Som (Melina Duterte) and Palehound (Ellen Kempner) — have announced that their album “Doomin’ Sun” will be out May 28 via Polyvinyl Record Co. The gritty, ’90s-styled indie-rocker “Stay in the Car” is the new single, and what fun. Haoyan of America directs the video for the song, which sounds as advertised: “We wanted this song to be a visceral listening experience, inspired by the Pixies and the Breeders,” Duterte says. “For the music video, we worked on a two-day shoot with Haoyan of America in Poughkeepsie in extremely cold weather. We all collaborated on the idea that our friendship should be portrayed in a fun and stylish way. Haoyan captured that energy in his own unique and creative lens through his collection of ’80s/’90s/’00s props and toys, CGI and anything car-themed.”

KALI, “I Just Wanna”

The follow-up to “Lucy” and “Back to the Start,” the new single “I Just Wanna” introduces the debut EP from 16-year-old KALI (Kali Flanagan). It’s titled “Circles” and it’s out May 7. The effervescent dream-pop tune gets a video treatment by directors Zealand Yancy and Sophia Ziskin, following KALI as she chases something that remains tantalizingly out of reach.

HOOVERIII, “Erasure”

Following their first two singles of 2021, “Control” and “Cindy,” Bert Hoover and his gang of ne’er-do-poorlys at Hooveriii get up in your face on the new single “Erasure.” It’s “maybe the most sonically aggressive jam on the LP … [and] also the only love song,” the band says, noting that because of “the rhythmic toms, it became more of a war chant. Big primitive energy, much like the destructive nature of love. The song also features wicked dueling sax and war cries from Gabe Flores and Gabe Salomón.” As for the video, a mix of live action and stop-motion, they say, “We wanted to make it feel like an episode of Star Trek or any sort of sci-fi B-movie.” The psych-rockers’ new album “Water for the Frogs” is out April 9.