Video: Leland and the Silver Wells, ‘Love Is Blind’

Leland and the Silver Wells

You’d be forgiven for checking what year it is while watching co-stars Brandi Shea and Bart Davenport frolic around Echo Park Lake in the video for “Love Is Blind,” the new single from Leland and the Silver Wells.

Larissa Jaks directs the retro-cool clip for the retro charmer, the new single from musician-photographer Leland Ettinger’s chamber-pop project. The song, officially out Friday, is a taste of the second album from Leland and the Silver Wells, arriving this fall. Half the album was made before the COVID-19 lockdown and half after. “Love Is Blind” is in the former batch of songs — hence, its full orchestrated bloom (detailed at Glide Magazine, where the video premiered).

“‘Love Is Blind’ is a song about the pitfalls of the pursuit of romantic intimacy based on initial physical attraction without the insight that only time can provide,” Ettinger says. “The age-old story of projecting hopes and desires onto someone you don’t know and being blinded to the aspects of themselves they are showing to you that are not in alignment with your hopes, desires and fantasies.”

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