Video: TWWO, ‘Prisoner of War’


Last year, former Nico Vega bandmates Aja Volkman and Dan Epand rolled out their new project TWO — now going by the name TWWO to make themselves easier to find in the wild of the world wide web.

“Prisoner of War” is the duo’s first single since their debut EP, “Pull the Knife Out.” As she did on the EP (and for Nico Vega’s existence, for that matter), Volkman takes no prisoners, manifesting her sheer force of will in a visceral vocal performance.

The song, the duo says, was written at the lowest point in the singer’s temporary split from husband Dan Reynolds (of Imagine Dragons) and is a walk through the stages of grief and, ultimately, a personal revolution in which she found peace and empowerment in forgiveness.

“Rediscovering myself as a mother, powerful woman and musician looks like this,” Volkman says .”I never want to be in a box, or try to make art to satisfy others. Music and poetry are cathartic for me. They are expressions that move me through my personal experiences to release anything I have held on to. TWWO has given me an opportunity to explore my new self that is reborn every day. It’s given me permission and a platform to share my darkness and my light. When watching this video, hopefully you will feel permission to share exactly who you are, and allow for that to change every day.”

Epand produced the new song and directed the video.

||| Watch: The video for “Prisoner of War”

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