Stream: New singles from Swerve, Grady Strange and Charlie Duda

Swerve (Photo by Tyler Curtis)

We’re thinking of this one as a “guitars forever” singles roundup — check out new songs from Swerve, Grady Strange and Charlie Duda

SWERVE, “Little Rich Kids”

The follow-up to “Escape” and “My Enemy Is Dead,” Swerve’s new single “Little Rich Kids” serves as the launching point for the L.A.. quartet’s debut album, “Ruin Your Day,” out Aug. 13. Guitars blazing, the band — Gregory Mahdesian, Ryan Berti and Brandon Duncan and Mark Gardner — take a torch to L.A. scenesters. “There’s a real undercurrent of anger and resentment in the L.A. party scene,” Mahdesian says. “People from all different types of backgrounds and expectations colliding and hoping to get something out of their night out can lead to some wild times, for better and for worse. ‘Little Rich Kids’ is definitely inspired by that resentment we’ve encountered and maybe even experienced from time to time, but just like those nights out, it’s a lot of fun even when things feel like they’re spiraling out of control.”

GRADY STRANGE, “Karma’s a Gun”

“Karma’s a Gun” introduces the debut full-length, “Getting Stranger,” from L.A.-via-Nashville singer-songwriter Grady Stange (who first released music as just Grady and then wisely got Strange, so to speak). Born Graydon Wenrich, he has a sense of humor, a penchant for hooks and a devil-may-care vibe. And, he says of this single, and the video for it: “The song is about feeling helplessly frustrated with the system. It was recorded in my kitchen to a 4-track tape machine that I got secondhand from the owner of CBGBs for $15 at a garage sale. The video came to me after I finished ‘The Sopranos.’” The album is out July 21 via Perpetual Doom.


When we were introduced to Charlie Duda via his April single “Really Really,” we thought, “Who even makes anything that reminds us of the La’s anymore?” Answer: Not many, Well, here’s Duda again, with Telekinesis’ Michael Benjamin Lerner on drums and Cameron Leahy contributing some harmonies. “Marbles” is a new single from his sophomore EP, “Roller Coaster,” out June 4.