Stream: Nik Freitas, ‘Good News (Waiting for You)’

Nik Freitas

If you need something to soundtrack that shot of adrenaline you’re feeling from the Great Reopening, Nik Freitas has some news for you. “Good News (Waiting for You),” in fact.

Freitas’ songs have been making themselves at home in your ears for almost two decades now, ever since he decided to set aside the camera he used to document the skateboarding world for Thrasher Magazine. He’s released nine albums — the latest, “Cavalo Morto,” came out in 2020; he’s been a touring member of Conor Oberst’s Mystic Valley Band and Broken Bells; and he’s worked in the studio with the likes of the Shins, M. Ward, Maria Taylor and Jenny Lewis.

“Good News (Waiting For You),” his latest guitar-pop gem, is the first single from a new EP, “Searching for Device,” out Sept. 15 via Park the Van. The tune was penned 10 months into the pandemic. “It was hard to tell what day it was; it’s like time didn’t matter anymore,” Freitas says. “The actual hands on the clock really disappeared, and that, coupled with everyone being isolated and glued to their phones, we were all just waiting for some good news. The bridge in the song ‘I’m listening for the part in a song when I know it’s coming to an end’ is basically saying, I don’t even want good news anymore, just tell me when it’s all going to be over!”

It very well could be — Freitas is playing a live show tonight.

||| Stream: “Good News (Waiting For You)”

||| Live: Nik Freitas plays tonight along with Best Moves at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa. Tickets.

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