Stream: Night Talks, ‘Overcome’

Night Talks

It’s been four years since L.A. alternative rockers Night Talks debuted with their glossy album “In Dreams.” Now the trio — Soraya Sebghati, Jacob Butler and Josh Arteaga — returns with the Moog-powered new single “Overcome.”

The first taste of Night Talks’ second album, “Same Time Tomorrow,” is a vibrant plea to rise above a wound from the past — one, Sebghati sings, that leaves one “Cold in the middle / of your arms now / Feeling nothing in your touches.”

“‘Overcome’ is about the dissolution of a friendship,” she says. “I feel like friend breakups are just as painful as romantic relationship breakups, but it can feel so much weirder. Sometimes you grow out of friendships or grow apart from each other, and sometimes you realize that the friendship isn’t serving either person in a positive or healthy way.At the end of the day, things did turn out okay. The pain is not permanent and it is possible to overcome the hurt and weird feelings that come from losing a friend.”

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