Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 209)

Cover image by Shubham Dhage via

There’s this virus going around, and your humble playlister, though vaccinated and seemingly taking care with his associations, caught it. So activities on Buzz Bands LA slowed to a crawl for about three weeks … including no weekly playlists.

But we’re back and feeling better, thank you, due in no small part to Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 209). Dive in to hear new tunes from Ty Segall, Loyal Lobos, Cold War Kids, M.A.G.S., Petey, Velvet Starlings, Nite Jewel, Cherry Glazerr, Illuminati Hotties, Weathers, Colleen Green, Kills Birds, Deb Never, Mini Trees and more.

Thanks for listening and here’s hoping we can resume our regularly scheduled programming.

M.A.G.S., “Wait”
Ty Segall, “Feel Good” (feat. DenĂ©e Segall)
Kills Birds, “Rabbit”
Loyal Lobos, “Hate My Face”
Deb Never, “Disassociate”
Slothrust, “The Next Curse”
Liily, “Odds Are It’s Blue”
Swerve, “Ruin Your Day”
Mini Trees, “Carrying On”
JAiRUS, “Groove”
Ceci Bastida, “Corre” (feat. Tamer Nafar)
Night Talks, “Overcome”
Film School, “Said Your Name”
Trousdale, “This Is It”
Velvet Starlings, “Technicolour Breakdown”
La Bonte, “Don’t Let This Define Me”
Nite Jewel, “Before I Go”
Normans, “Anti Crusoe”
Blame My Youth, “Tentacles”
Illuminati Hotties, “u v v p” (feat. Buck Meek)
Petey, “We Go On Walks”
Monogem, “Dame La Fuerza”
Junior Mesa, “What’s Enough Pt. 2”
Cherry Glazerr, “Soft Drink”
Charlie Hickey, “Seeing Things” (MUNA’s version)
Colleen Green, “It’s Nice to Be Nice”
Cold War Kids, “Wasted All Night”
L.A. Exes, “Baby Let’s Pretend”
Young Winona, “Killing Daisies”
The Linda Lindas, “Oh!”
Weathers, “Talking Is Therapy”
Mild High Club, “Me Myself and Dollar Hell”
Sophia Knapp & Dungen, “Desert Moon”