Stream: Starflyer 59, ‘Sunrise’

Starflyer 59

It’s no surprise to Starflyer 59’s devoted army of followers — especially those who latched on to the 2019 album “Young in My Head” or last year’s “Miami” EP — that songwriter Jason Martin continues to be at the top of his game at an age many would be resting on their laurels. Now, well past the silver anniversary of SF59’s debut album “Silver,” Martin continues to coax nuanced emotions from his guitar-driven songs.

What’s surprising is that Martin is smiling in the latest SF59 promotional photograph — probably a first for a guy known to be as stoic, if not as melancholic-looking, as his songs. (OK, so the grin looks a little forced, but still.)

“Vanity” arrives Oct. 15 via O.C.’s Velvet Blue Music as Starflyer 59’s 16th full-length. Produced by TW Walsh, the album is more lush and cinematic than anything in the band’s catalog. And, yes, the first two singles, “Life in Bed” and “Like to Lose,” find Martin deep in typically downcast introspection.

Not so with “Sunrise,” the new single that arrived today. It’s a new day, and yesterday’s problems are yesterday. Let optimism wash over you, even if it’s only fleeting, like the splash of Martin’s guitar.

Notably, “Life in Bed” arrived last month with a short film written and directed by Hunter Christy. It’s dark, bizarre and positively riveting.

||| Stream: “Sunrise,” “Like to Lose” and “Life in Bed”

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