Video: SPELLES, ‘Ghost Ship’


’Tis the season for haunting, and Kathryn Baar — aka SPELLES — glides in with sails full of ominous choral vocals on “Ghost Ship,” wondering “What arms soon will welcome me / when I reach the other side?” The self-produced song is the second single of 2021 from SPELLES, whose last EP came out in 2018.

“‘Ghost Ship’ was born from my own experiences of personal evolution,” the songwriter says. “There are different phases and transitions throughout life and eventually death that all of us must face. This existence can create a fear of the unknown and a fear of staying the same. My pursuit of growth, meaning and acceptance has been exciting and also quite painful. I hope this song can provide some comfort to those who are currently on their own passage for peace and truth.”

The seaside video for the tune was directed by Zac Bell at Leo Carrillo State Beach.

||| Watch: The video for “Ghost Ship”

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