Video: Jane., ‘Inside Your Room’

Jane. (Photo by Bradley J. Calder)

Jane. (it’s easier to find online with the period) is the next chapter in the songwriting exploits of Raj Jain, who previously made upbeat ’70s/’80s-styled pop-rock under the name Jane Holiday.

His first album as Jane., “What a Wonderful Time to Be Barely Alive,” finds its heartbeat in luxurious dream-pop. He calls the eight-song collection “a reflection of myself up until this point,” adding: “As I listen to it now, especially being able to hear it as just a listener, I can pick out so many things from different times over the course of my life. Past stories, past emotions, pulling from different genres and artists, all colliding into one piece of music.”

Songs such as “Inside Your Room,” “Game of Life” and For You, for Blue” are made for the theater of the bedroom, such is their intimacy. The tunes alternately celebrate the love he has found and the life he might. Co-produced and engineered by Peter Labberton, who has worked with the likes of St. Vincent, Parquet Courts and Julia Stone, “What a Time” turns confessionals into something akin to astral projections.

Save this one for your alone times.

||| Watch: The videos for “Inside Your Room” and “For You, for Blue”

||| Live: Jane. celebrates his album release with a free show tonight at Substrate Gallery, 709 N. Ridgewood Place.

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