Photos: Jean Dawson, Automatic, Meth Math and more at Day 1 of Viva! Pomona

Automatic at Saturday's Day 1 of Viva! Pomona at the Glass House (Photo by Notes From Vivace)

The first day of the ninth Viva! Pomona festival on Saturday brought an extraordinarily eclectic lineup to the Glass House, with three stages of music giving attendees indoor-outdoor whiplash and a variety of genres to match.

Some observations on a day that Jean Dawson headlined and Automatic and Meth Math did their best to steal the show:

The openers

Indie-pop singer Maya Abee at the Glass House stage wins the award for most unassuming stage entrance. … Court Verano over at the Diamond Plaza stage proved that jazz is a genre worth exploring by the younger generation. … 60Juno held a jam session over at the Radical stage.

Best New Finds

Soltera brought lively club beats with Spanish lyrics that got everyone at the Glass House stage into a 5 p.m. lather from dancing. … Meth Math drew a quick crowd due to their underground art brilliance, with singer Ángel Ballesteros’ friendly cat, long wig and partially burnt dress.

Who loved the stages

At the Glass House, Yungatita declared, “I don’t usually have that much space to jump around. Now I have a whole stage.” … Jacks Haupt used the stage to swing her microphone around like a lasso. … And Lealani tore up the stage as well, while rocking her druid cape.

Amusing moments

Automatic had a couple. With the night temperature dipping towards the high 30s, Lola Dompé was seen removing her jacket, while Halle Saxon was seen putting on her jacket at the same time. It was in fact so cold that one could notice the band’s breathing patterns. A call out was made to Dompé’s parents (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets/Tones on Tail drummer Kevin Haskins and Pamela Dompe) who quietly supported from the back of the crowd. … Jean Dawson gave his microphone stand some abuse and he had his complaints — about his wardrobe selection, “These pants are too big. Wrapped around my leg and shit. God dammit.” Fans showed their hops during the set, though, as he told them: “You better have more energy than me.” They were up for the challenge. … Grady Strange had some internal chuckles after their first song. … EXUM held up two signs to start off his set: “Free the penis” and “Free the vagina.” … Soul Glo shouted out, “This is about my fucking teeth.” … And maybe not so funny, but the drummer for Angel Du$t had so much energy that he broke his seat.

Youth movement

Sadie closed out the night at the Diamond Plaza stage with the youth crowd lined up in front. … Danny Lux took honors as the solid crooner of the night.

Random other notes

Milpa explored folk rhythms that had the crowd dancing. … Sad Park tricks you with some calm openings before pushing the crowd into a mosh pit. … Ignatius gave his personal story in the song “What Choice Do I Got (The Rebirth).” … Mimi SanDoe’s throat must have surely be sore after Niis’s set. The band told Buzz Bands LA that they loved the eclectic nature of the festival, where different genres were represented at all the stages. They especially loved Automatic, Meth Math and Soul Glo.

Photos and recap by Notes From Vivace