Video premiere: FINKEL, ‘Time’


Married duo Jane and Brian Spencer make music under the name FINKEL, using their pulsing, electro-acoustic indie-pop to tell stories and meditate on the meaning of them all.

After releasing their debut EP in 2020 and following it up with a remix EP, the Spencers began work on a bigger project. Last year, in the dead of winter, they ventured to Jane Spencer’s native Mackinac Island, an archipelago in Lake Huron between Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas that is known for its history and as a vacation spot. With a permanent population of just 500, it’s a picturesque spot where, perhaps, time seems to move more slowly.

It inspired the duo’s shimmering new single “Time,” a poignant melding of voices that reminds “all we have is now.”

The song was the last one written during the Spencers’ trip to Mackinac Island, and it’s the first from their album “Islanders,” arriving April 29.

Not merely an audio project, the album will arrive along with a feature-length documentary. The film is the work of Slow Blink, the duo of director Anna Gustafson and cinematographer Craig Harmer.

The video for “Time” is a fever dream of vignettes from FINKEL’s experience assembled in the manner of a home movie. Like the song (which is officially out on Friday), it finds the central ache in nostalgia — that we should appreciate the moment and live in it, lest that which is important “slips through our fingers.”

||| Watch: The video for “Time”