Stream: New albums from Alice Glass, Irene Diaz and the Simps

From left: Alice Glass (Photo by Kyle Christensen and Astro Zero); Irene Diaz; The Simps

Rounding up three albums that were released on Friday: Check out new sounds from Alice Glass, Irene Diaz and the Simps.


After the story emerged of her abuse as one-half of the duo Crystal Castles, one could have guessed that Alice Glass’s debut full-length would be be something caustic yet cathartic. The electronic pop siren, born Margaret Osborn, does not disappoint. Her healing process — harsh and agonizingly incremental — comes through in waves and waves of her art-damaged noise-pop. The singles “Baby Teeth” and “Love Is Violence” are fine entrées; by the end of “PREY//IV’s” 13 tracks, it feels as if she’s squeezed every bit of toxicity out of her past and left it in a puddle, should fellow victims want to gaze at their reflection.

IRENE DIAZ, “Lovers & Friends”

Irene Diaz’s long-awaited album — executive-produced by Carla Morrison and produced by Juan Alejandro Jimenez Perez and Mario Demian Jimenez Perez — sees the singer-songwriter leap from intimate balladeer to theater-ready pop/R&B diva. The glossy “Lovers & Friends” explores the nooks and crannies of relationships, and she’s game to illuminate all the vulnerabilities. Her honeyed vocals (check out “Another Observer” and “You”) make it worth the exploration

THE SIMPS, “Siblings”

The collaborative album from Eyedress and Zzzahara (Idris Vicuña and Zahara Jaime, respectively) offers a whimsical — and often meandering and treacly — voyage through the eclectic tastes of its creators. Lo-fi psych-pop, house-of-mirrors dream-pop, equally warped post-punk: “Siblings” goes a lot of places without really owning them. Occasionally, though, it’s “On Fye.”