Premiere: Astrologer, ‘2/22/2022 (Affirmations)’

Astrologer (Photo by Callie Young)

Astrologer is the art-rock project of central Arizona native Drew Cline, whose multifarious musical tastes were influenced by a radio station in his native Wickenburg that played an improbable mix of the Osmonds, John Cage, Hank Williams, the Kinks and Throbbing Gristle. Wickenburg is a hell of a place to have birthed music that sounds so underground, but here Astrologer is, one subversively left-field EP in the bank for Lolipop Records and more music on the way.

Working with backup vocalist Candy Caballero, Lolipop producer/chieftain Wyatt Blair, and former Germ Don Bolles, Astrologer today unveils the new track “2/22/22 (Affirmations),” a delicious, nervy smear of avant-garage-rock that thrums with dark humor. It’s the follow-up to the six-track EP, “Legerdemain (L),” released in November.

β€œThe number 222 is a very powerful number in numerology,” Astrologer says. “It’s a master number that is linked to personal mastery and creativity. It governs the energy of the sun, and is also associated with positive thoughts, clarity and spiritual growth. 222 is a recurring number for us, Candy and I see it everywhere. It has a deep meaning to us and our relationship, and so 2/22/22 is a symbol of our love and destiny.

“2/22/22 will only happen once in our lifetime, so we figured why not commemorate it! We sourced all the words for the song from the Affirmations Instagram page, as we find much of their content to be relevant to the lives of millennials and Gen Z kids.”

Antonio Pinozza’s video takes you inside that energy.

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