Ears Wide Open: Hair


After an exhaustive investigation involving Googling their un-Googleable band name, Buzz Bands LA has learned that members of the Los Angeles quartet Hair do indeed have hair. Recently obtained surveillance video, in fact, reveals that they have profuse amounts of it, which witnesses have observed flailing to and fro during their kinetic live performances.

Current band members have been identified as Alec Alvarez, Dylan Nelson, Arthur Siegal and Parker Biehn. Historical artifacts indicate that their debut album “Hair,” which included contributions from since-departed drummer Charles Weinmann, was self-recorded in their garage and released during the pandemic.

On the occasion of today’s release of their new single “Doghouse,” Alvarez told interrogators that the quartet’s music “is about everything we’re facing in 2020 and beyond. Politics, protests, wildfires, disease and rage. The existential crises we all had questioning our reality. The numbness to it all. ‘Doghouse’ is about empathizing with all that — plus religious fanatics, the attention economy, tech companies collecting data [and] staring at our phones making us zombies.”

Analysts report that their music shares much with perpetrators who worked during the 1970s — tight, honest rock ’n’ roll focusing on problems of the times. The quartet is said to have spent three days recently at Station House Studios tracking a second album, which they are calling “Deux.” As Alvarez told us, “So, Hair – ‘Deux’ … A dumb joke that makes us smile.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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