Stream: Deb Never, ‘Crutches’

Deb Never (Photo by Nate Guenther)

Deb Never devotees might recognize the Los Angeles singer’s new single, “Crutches” — out today — as the supremely catchy unreleased song she performed to close out this set at “an undisclosed hilltop location in L.A.” last summer. But you don’t need to be familiar with Deb Never to know this song slaps.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” she sings at the start of the track, a bounding impatience anthem. “You’re running too fast before you learn how to walk / and now you’re on crutches.” Soon she’s reminding herself that “nobody cares / about the things that you want / you gotta go and get ’em,” and the song bursts into mosh-ready grunge-pop territory. “I’m tearing down the walls,” the singer announces, “I’m storming in like thunder / ’cause I’m tired of waiting for better days.”

“Crutches,” co-written with Jonathan Hoskins and Michael Percy, follows Deb Never’s 2021 EP, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” and her 2020 quarantine project “Intermission.” The track also arrives with a single-shot flick featuring a cast-signing session. It’s a fitting scene for a song about living fast — maybe too fast.

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