Ears Wide Open: Edgar Everyone

Edgar Everyone (Photo by Sika Senro)

Native Parisian Jules de Gasperis has seemingly been everywhere since he adopted Los Angeles as his home base a few years ago, so it’s no surprise he is calling his new solo project Edgar Everyone.

To itemize a few of his exploits, he’s worked as a drummer and/or producer for Low Hum, Slip, James Supercave, Kunzite and Possible Oceans. He’s been a member of Carré, Dielines and Grand Bain. And back in 2018 he had the short-lived solo project Red Soul X.

As Edgar Everyone, he asks, “Imagine if Tame Impala, Prince and Phoenix had a baby?” And in his new foray into psychedelic dance music, “Shasta Lounge,” you can hear a little of those, along with de Gasperis’ sheer exuberance. “With Edgar Everyone I am trying to go back to my roots: music to make people dance (including myself obviously),” he says. “Usually if I’m dancing and jumping around in the studio during the creative process, it means I’m on the right path.”

As busy as de Gasperis has been, the pandemic gave him something of a break. His forthcoming Edgar Everyone EP started to take shape, as did his role with the new project of Ratatat’s Mike Stroud who, says Gasperis, “is a big inspiration and hired me to be part of his new band, Kunzite. So musically I’m always gleaning something from the people I work with, the bands I’m part of.”

Eight months in the works, the trippy, colorful video for “Shasta Lounge” was animated by Rachel Seropian.

||| Watch: The video for “Shasta Lounge”